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Simon Ellinas
Registered: 09/03/2011   Last Update: 20/02/2018
HELLO THERE! I was born with a pencil in one hand and a pen in the other. It was a difficult birth. From an early age, the pencil was used for drawing and the pen for writing.

Inspired by the cartoon comics and superhero comicbooks of my youth, I carved out a career at school as the go-to cartoonist. Lessons were a fruitful time for observing a roomful of faces and for being amused by a wide variety of characters. All of which were duly noted, both graphically and in writing.

After skilfully avoiding any sort of distinction at 'A' Level Economics, French and Latin (where was the guidance at my school? Here was a fervent writer and cartoonist under their noses!) I meandered into Art School, where, alongside the future Duran Duran leader, Simon Le Bon, I was encouraged to become a fine artist.

However, practicalities insisted that I get a job and the hallowed arena of magazine publishing willingly gave me a seat. Fortunately, one of these was at Marvel Comics UK where I spent a long time in the darkroom with PMT paper, cehmicals and an Agfa Repromaster. Oh yes, and Letraset. Those were the days.

It soon transpired that 'working' and 'me' are incompatible and that the only boss who could put up with me was me. And even then, there are times when I could sack myself. . .

So, I soon found myself in the hallowed ranks of freelance cartoonists hauling a portfolio around to the art editors of London until, slowly but surely, tastes eroded to such a degree that I started getting work.

And that is very much as it has remained to today, with the revolutionary assistance of the internet and the addition of live, on the spot caricaturing at events.

When I'm not working, I like spending time with my family and dogs and going swimming. I like to try to play as many musical instruments as possible and am now the proud owner of a Rolf Harris Stylophone.

Other sites include Ha! Magazine devoted to topical satire at http://humour.co.uk and Chattoon! the new chat and cartoon show at http://chattoonshow.com