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Désirée Ickerodt
Registered: 14/01/2010   Last Update: 14/05/2013
When people see my work I would like them to question their own perceived reality.
Even though my artworks are form, they question the validity of the manifest, the perceivable.

I take my inspiration from the Indian philosophy of Advaita (‘non-duality’), Theosophy and phenomenology. I am a 3D artist and as such I want to show the phenomenon, the manifest form in front of the background of the noumenon, the intangible idea behind it. Thus in my work I am exploring the structural elements of reality, whether manifest or unmanifest, whether perceivable or elusive, whether ordered or free-flowing. Even though my work is conceptual, it questions the very idea of any ‘concepts’, as concepts might merely be based on perceptions. In reality there are many levels of looking at something but often we only see the most obvious physical level. By making my artwork transparent I have made all inner levels and the space in between visible. My technique often consists in layering the materials I use. Currently I work with different kinds of metal wire and Perspex in order to highlight the dichotomy between the chaotic nature of reality and the human attempt to bring structure to chaos, to make sense out of senselessness.