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Leigh Kemp
Registered: 25/02/2015   Last Update: 30/08/2015
I take photographs because I really enjoy photography. I endevour to create digital art because I LOVE art.

Born and living in London UK. I am a fine art photographer and digital artist. My late Mother was very artistic and my father's very musical so it's perhaps no surprise that my main interest has always been in the arts and music. My art is often a bit "out there", a bit "quirky" it's just the way that my brain is wired, the way that "I am".

I think that creating a piece of art is a bit like experimental cooking, add a pinch of this, a dash of that, until one is satisfied with the end result, that's why I don't have a single recipe or style. I'm always experimenting with new ideas and techniques, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but I always learn something new along the way and that is what keeps me coming back for more.

I work in a variety of different styles and techniques. Some of my works such as "Adoration of the swan" , "Tea on the lawn" and "A pew with a view" are in a technique that I call photo-blend where I will take various photos and "blend" them together into a single work. Another of my techniques is a painterly style as shown in works such as "Riverview" and "Street Scenic". whilst "Street Cafe" , "Bike onboard" and "Skateboard Park" are all examples of some of my more colourful surrealistic works.

I currently sell most of my work on ArtPal.com (www.artpal.com/leighkemp) and Pixels.com (www.leigh-kemp.pixels.com). You can choose from a range of print sizes, paper types or canvass and framing options and they will dispatch the work directly to you. You can slso purchase other item such as tote bags, phone cases, throw pillows, duvet covers and more on my shop page on Pixels.com

Please visit my website for more information. I also have two virtual galleries where you can view a large selection of my work.

"In search of ne horizons"
"Somethings old, somethings new"

Commission a work from me or purchase one of my works and you are receiving something different, something eye-catching and unique.

Hope you enjoy my work,

Kind regards